WE DID IT! On September 29th, Governor Brown signed Secure Choice (SB 1234) – a ground breaking bill that will finally offer a pathway to a real, secure retirement. This is something that more than 7 million California workers didn't have access to. Until now.

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Retirement Security Facts

Only 1 in 5 private sector workers will have a pension when they retire.

Every year wall street billionaires support legislation to reduce or eliminate worker pensions.

Social security alone is not enough to live on and afford even the basics.

401K access is spotty, and particularly bad for the 25% lowest income-earners.

Real Workers. Real Stories.

Working Californians from all sectors are sharing their personal stories with elected officials and with fellow Californians on the realities of retirement security in our times. Read and share their stories below.

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Susan Difuntorum

June 20, 2015 Stories

My name is Susan Difuntorum. I grew up here in California. I’m a state worker and a veteran. I’m 62 years old and I’m looking forward to retiring in the near future. At this time in my employment I don’t have enough time or make enough money to put into a 401(k) to beef up my retirement. I’m hoping that between my pension and Social Security that I’ll be able to live comfortable during retirement.

I’m worried about my and my family’s future.

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Tonya York

June 19, 2015 Stories

I’m Tonya York, and I’m a home care worker in California. Home care workers fall under the category of low wage workers, and we have absolutely no financial security. They are also paid current which means if their client dies today, the paychecks stop today. And if they retire as a Home care worker some may not even qualify for social security. We are also paid poverty wages which makes it impossible to save money.

Over the next 20-30 years as the population ages, the need for Home care will have only grow; we need a plan. We can not expect for people to want to have careers as Home care workers if there is no financial security?

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Marta Delgado

May 21, 2015 Stories 0 Comments

My name is Marta Delgado and I’m a family child care provider in Long Beach.

My father in Guatemala worked for the railroad for 35 years. He was very proud of his career and the way it allowed him to provide for his family. My parents owned the home that they raised us in and we lived a good life.

At the end of his career, my father received a monthly retirement pension that allowed him to live with dignity during his senior years.

Life is very different for my husband and I.

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Sally Copeland

September 11, 2014 Stories 0 Comments

I am an In-Home Supportive Services provider for the County of Santa Clara. Ten years ago, when my son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, my life was turned upside down.

That is now my primary job, providing care and supervision for my son. But that doesn’t pay enough to make ends meet, so I also work supervising recess for the school district.

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Beth Lindley

September 11, 2014 Stories 0 Comments

My name is Beth Lindley and I am an employee of the California Department of Health Care Services. I am here today to share with you how the growing retirement security crisis has affected my family.

People talk about the looming retirement crisis as if it’s an abstract thing. I live with it every day. I see how it will hurt generations of my family.

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Tonya Bealey

September 11, 2014 Stories 0 Comments

The issues we are here to talk about today are very personal to me. My family lives them every day, along with millions of others in California and across the country.

Out of the 3 generations of adult women in my family, I am currently the only woman who will have something more than Social Security to support me in my retirement, or even have the option of retiring at all.

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