Marta Delgado

May 21, 2015 Stories 0 Comments

My name is Marta Delgado and I’m a family child care provider in Long Beach.

My father in Guatemala worked for the railroad for 35 years. He was very proud of his career and the way it allowed him to provide for his family. My parents owned the home that they raised us in and we lived a good life.

At the end of his career, my father received a monthly retirement pension that allowed him to live with dignity during his senior years.

Life is very different for my husband and I. Together, we run a successful child care business out of our home. We make an enormous difference in the lives of many children and their families. We work long hours, from early morning to late at night. But running this business means spending money all the time and at the end of every month, we’re at zero. We have no way to save for retirement.
We have two boys in college. After small scholarships, we are paying all the expenses for our children because their education is our highest priority. I want them to find good jobs and live a good life and not have the worries that Arturo and I have. I don’t want them to worry that they won’t be able to enjoy their retirement years.

Many other working people have retirement plans or pensions and other benefits. And although we work as hard as everybody else, for years and years child care providers have been working without benefits, no raise in salaries, no sick days, no medical insurance—and no access to any kind of retirement plan.

All working people help in one way or another to contribute to the U.S. economy. We give our best, our youth, our strength…and at the end of our years we have nothing.

At this point I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to stop working. There is no way for me to build for my retirement.

Passing SB1234 has given me hope that maybe I can plan for my retirement. I urge you as members of this board to think of workers like me and fulfill the promise of SB1234 to provide a secure retirement for all.